Sunday, June 13, 2010

Marie Lu imposters!!

Well, not intentionally....

Every now and then I google myself (shamelessly) and see what interesting things come up. For anyone who is doing research on me to make sure I'm a normal, relatively friendly person to hire or work with or whatnot, please note! I am Marie Lu the artist/writer, and am Asian, and also the person behind Fuzz Academy.

I am not Marie Lu the plus-size lingerie company, Marie Lu the cookie, Marie Lu the energy bar, or Marie Lu the digestive snack. :) I also did not upload inappropriate videos to Mega Upload, or work as a professor in a foreign country. (Apparently my name is quite popularly used for packaged snack foods, as evidenced by a Google Image search below....)

Hey, at least I'm digestive. :)

1 comment:

belit said...

heehe that cookies label it's from spain ^^ hehehehe

be proud, they taste pretty good ;D