Monday, August 30, 2010


I've been reading some blog posts that discuss things in YA novels that are dealbreakers for the blog posters. You know, things like weak heroines and cliches and whatnot. :) I thought I'd do a flip post and talk about things in entertainment-in-general that are my deal makers. In other words, if I hear that a book/movie/whatever has one of these in it, I'm almost CERTAIN to read/watch/rock it.

The end is here, or the end hath already come and gone.

Also known as post-apocalypse, dystopias, or zombies. If any of those 3 words (or all) appear in an advertisement, I will detour straight to it while happily knocking down any old ladies in my path. Although I don't end up liking everything I read/watch in those genres, the ratio of win:fail is significantly higher in these genres than the ratio of win:fail for things in general.

Conspiracy theories, or jiggly-camera mysteries.

Cloverfield. Paranormal Activity. Da Vinci Code. Quarantine. Who killed JFK. Bigfoot. Area 51. Some of these are ridiculous, true, but I don't care. Let me live in my bubble!!

Fighter jets.

I think I've watched at least 50% of the videos on YouTube that feature fighter jets in any capacity, especially ones with the F-22, F-15 (my fav), F-35, any jet with thrust vectoring or vertical take-off capabilities, and the Sukhoi-47. I just read Fighter Pilot, the memoir of famous ace Robin Olds. Two of my favorite shows are Great Planes and Dogfights. *salivates* Can you tell I was a Top Gun fangirl when I was little? Tom Cruise, even if you might be a little on the crazy side, I forgive you of everything and anything because you are forever Maverick in my brain.

Johnny Depp.

Since we're on the topic of celebrities.

Child prodigies.

This is a relatively new one for me to realize, but I think I always unconsciously gravitated toward stories about child prodigies (in any form). I will read any novel or non-fiction biography about Mozart (and I almost never read biographies), or his sister Nannerl, regardless of its quality. I looooooooooove Ender's Shadow and Ender's Game. Ender and Bean, you boys are my eternal heroes.

Now all I need to find is a post-apocalypse story about a child prodigy fighter pilot who uncovers a conspiracy theory while shooting home webcam footage of his/her antics in the sky. With a character somewhere in it that Johnny Depp can play. Oooh. I think I've found my next novel premise, muhahahaha.

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