Sunday, October 03, 2010

Clearing up a misconception

With every announcement, there will inevitably be some misconceptions and rumors that arise. For me, most of the things about my book deal for LEGEND are true, but there is one misconception that I keep seeing, and I thought I should probably set the record straight on it before it keeps going! :)

Honest Misconception: LEGEND was sold because of its accompanying Facebook app, i.e. LEGEND the Facebook App came before LEGEND the Book.

What actually happened: LEGEND was a book before it became anything else. I wrote it between April - October 2009. Then, while my agent worked with me on revisions for it and we prepared it for submission, I used my free time to create a Facebook app for the book. It helped me stay in the world of the novel, while also letting me take a break from writing. It did manage to accumulate a few users (although, to be quite honest, 13,000 registered app users for any Facebook app is a fairly modest number), but when Agent Kristin and I started making the submission rounds and we talked on the phone with interested editors, none of them cared about the Facebook app--which is the way it should be. The book had to interest them first and foremost. If the editors didn't like the book, no Facebook app would make them want to buy it (unless, perhaps, it had 100 gazillion users like FarmVille). Only after the book sale happened did Putnam (my awesome publisher!) have interest in the Facebook app and how it could help promote the book. Which, again, is the way it should be. Anything LEGEND-related is subordinate to the book, and exists only to help promote the book itself.


Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I posted that up for the interwebz. :)


Sandy Shin said...

I'm sorry the misconception happened. I don't use facebook very often, but I think creating a Facebook app for you novel post-writing is such a cool and incredible thing -- and hopefully it will be a very, very effective promoting strategy! It makes me itch to download and try out the app. :)

Marie said...

Aw, thanks Sandy! Yeah, not everyone prefers to use Facebook so I've been considering bringing the game to its own standalone site, where everyone can sign up to play if they want. :) Thank you for the kind words!