Friday, February 25, 2011

Interview and more foreign deals

(Reposted from my deviantArt blog)

Just a few Legend updates!

I recently did an interview (with the lovely Christine Donatello) for about Legend. Now it's live! You can check it out at the link below:

Interview with

Also, Penguin's foreign rights team has now brought the total of Legend's foreign rights deals up to 6! We recently sold Italian, Greek, and Hebrew rights. This means Legend has sold rights for:

- UK
- Australia/New Zealand
- Italy
- Spain/Catalan
- France
- Germany
- Hebrew

I think those are all the ones, although I might be forgetting one.....

Anyway, have a great weekend, guys!


Emy Shin said...

Congratulations on the foreign deals! And I loved the interview. I agree that a lot of the "dytopian" settings and conflicts have already happened before -- it's just the matter of recognizing them as such and try not to fall into them again in the future.

Marie said...

Thanks Emy! :) Yeah, there's definitely a lot to draw from real life when it comes to dystopian.

[Maria] said...

Firefly is always going to be the one great sadness of my life. No hero ever rocked a pretty floral bonnet better than Mal.

More importantly, though, congratulations! All of those foreign deals are so exciting!

belit said...

yay!! legend in spanish (or catalan, i don't care at all..)and so many languages! congrats!!