Friday, May 13, 2011

China, breaking into house, and Legend's director!

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This post is all over the place. I really should try to blog more often....

Finally back in the States after ten days in China! I loved China, but man, it feels good to be free of their "great firewall". No access to Facebook/Twitter and limited access to Gmail kind of a bummer. I did see a lot of yaks, though, so it all balanced out. Plus, FOOD! I had so much amazing food it was to the point of ridiculousness. I wish I had a good way of smuggling egg pancakes past Customs. Now I'm majorly jetlagged, and passed out twice today (and yesterday). I have all these sleep indents on my face from my laptop keys. It's very attractive. :)

In other news, last night I met with Katie from [link] and we had a hilariously random adventure. I'd forgotten to bring her an ARC of Legend, so she dropped us off at my dinky bungalow so we could grab one. Unfortunately I didn't have my keys (I wasn't expecting to be back so soon), and Boyfriend was out for practice. So we tried in vain to break in. Apparently this dinky bungalow is still rather secure.....but long story short, we borrowed a plastic pink tong from my perplexed neighbor and managed to barely grab an ARC. We looked absolutely ridiculous in the process. Then we went to get giant mugs of coffee. I don't think we'll ever make it as thieves, but we know a good cup of joe.

And in other OTHER news, the news is official today--CBS Films has attached director Jonathan Levine to Legend! So very excited!

"Twilight Producers Find a Director for Their Next Trilogy"

I think that's everything that's happened since my last post. Oh, and I think I also gained several pounds. Thanks China. <3


Amy Plum said...

Love it! What a great story. And CONGRATS on your movie news! AND 350,000+ print - holy cow, girl!!! Such exciting things happening for you in 2011!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, congrats on scoring a director! :D (or, er, LEGEND the Movie scoring a director, that is. That came out kind of strangely) We're that much closer to seeing Day and company on the big screen! XD

Also, thx for sharing your China pics on twitter--loved seeing yaks in action on scrubby hillsides and (!) parking lots, etc. Awesome. XD

Speaking of LEGEND ARCs... (heheh, you know what I'm gonna say)... how about a giveaway? :D I shall draw fanart, leave glowing reviews on amazon, whatever you like! ;-D

Ello said...

A director! Wow! That is so fabulous! I'm so excited about your book!