Friday, July 29, 2011

To all bloggers and reviewers

As the date for Legend's launch inches closer, I find myself feeling more and more afraid. Back when I was unpublished and still searching for the right story, I always fantasized about what it would be like if I knew that something I'd written was going to be launched. (I had written four unpublished manuscripts before Legend, so I had plenty of time to fantasize!) I thought I'd know how it would feel. But honestly, I didn't know a thing--because the mix of emotions I feel these days (anxiety, happiness, terror, excitement, fearfearfeaaaar) is NOT what I had imagined. I guess I couldn't have known. It's just one of those things I needed to experience to understand.

But in addition to the aforementioned emotions and all the whirlwind of activities leading up to Nov. 29 (i.e. Launch Day), I also feel one more emotion. Gratefulness. Specifically, I feel grateful for all the YA bloggers, reviewers, and general readers that have taken the time to read and review the advance copies of Legend. It's such a thrill and privilege for me. I'm so thankful for your reviews (both the good and the bad), because it means you took the time to read and then analyze Legend for better or worse. So, thank you! I know you have a lot of books to choose from. Picking up mine, well....nothing makes me happier than that.

(If you are a book blogger, reviewer, or would just like an ARC of Legend, please send an email to yrmarketing -at- with your name, email, blog URL, and mailing address. It doesn't guarantee a copy but as far as I've seen, Penguin's been pretty good about it so hopefully you'll get a copy!)


Safari Poet said...

I don't think you have anything to be afraid of since I've only heard amazing things about Legend.

Thanks for the info about requesting an ARC. I'll give it a shot and hopefully be one of the lucky ones.

Tiffany C said...

Don’t let fear get you down, I have heard only good things about Legend and have been telling my friends about it.

I think my copy will end up well read when I get it.

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I've read and loved Legend! I'll have my review up soon. :)

Lauren said...

Seriously so excited! Starting my Legend ARC tonight! It was great meeting you at Comic Con