Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A very special, free copy of Legend

(Reposted from my deviantArt blog)

Update: The winner of the limited edition ARC of Legend is........

~drosana! (from deviantArt)

~drosana's entry: "I'd go by Puck. It's the name of the impish character featured in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (hehe, Even Robin Hood has taken his name from this character! Puck is also called Robin Goodfellow. Robin Hood's mother even called him Robin-Puck!)

Like him, I like to joke around and act a bit silly, even more so, I love to be mischievous and sneaky. I am good at lying and misleading, leaving most to believe they know me well, when in fact, they're more acquainted with one of my facades. I am a master of disguise without the need of a mask (or fake mustache, thought it cannot be said that I haven't tried it anyway!) Despite all of this, I'm a laugh and a rather good natured person. I try to keep to my manners and with my boyish appearance, most call me a gentleman! I have a flair for the dramatic and fun. So that's my entry! *tips hat and jumps off*"

Congrats on winning the limited edition version of Legend! I'll Note you with details. :)

We had well over 150+ entries combining all deviantArt, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads entries. Man, you guys are GOOD at coming up with rebel names. I love these! I may do another contest in the near future where the prize is to feature your rebel name in Legend 2 as a side character. Thank you all for participating!

The winner was chosen by a random number generator and a list of all the entries. While the winner was randomly chosen, I also wanted to give a shout out to my 3 favorite entries from you guys:

1) (from deviantArt's ~Star-Bunny): "I'd be Pancakes... cause pancakes are awesome. They are unassumingly delicious and its hard to be upset with someone named pancakes."

This just made me laugh out loud.

2) (from Twitter's BookWormLove): "@Marie_Lu My streetname would be Gadget (It was my nickname in girl scouts for years because I'm all about technological stuff) :) #Legend"

Gadget from Rescue Rangers was one of my favorite childhood characters. LOVE girls with techie know-how!

3) (from Facebook's Jeni Hackett): "Assuming astronomy is roughly the same (or at least the names of the stars), I'd go by Polaris after the North Star. It's a good name for a 'guiding' rebel, which is what I'd likely aim to be; less of a hell-raiser, and more of a care-taker, guardian sort. Maybe I'd run a safehouse, where the North Star parallel ties in as Polaris has always been a star associated with pointing towards home and safety."

I love astronomy. Yay Polaris!

Again, thank you so much to all who entered! I had a ton of fun, and I hope you did too. :) Stay tuned for further contests!


Legend's official Facebook page has now reached 502 "Likes", thanks to you guys!

I said before that once it passed 500, I would give away a very special, limited edition version of Legend. So here we go, as promised!

The Prize: I have exactly ONE of these. Here's what it looks like.

This is a limited edition version of the advance copies of Legend (which doesn't go on public sale until Nov. 29 this year). Penguin, my publisher, made a very small number of these. They probably won't make any more. Unlike the regular advance copies, these are packaged in a gorgeous box that opens up into a limited edition magnet, profile info of Day and June, and etc. (And, of course, it also includes a softcover advance copy of Legend.) The one that I have is still in its plastic wrap and brand new.

How long this giveaway contest runs: From today (9/27) until midnight Pacific Standard Time on next Tuesday (10/4).

Open to: Everyone, both in the U.S. and internationally.

What you have to do: (You can enter by posting a comment to this journal entry right here. OR, you can also enter by commenting on the same journal entry at my deviantArt blog , my Facebook page , or send me a tweet.)

At any of the aforementioned places, answer the following in your comment:

All rebels in the Republic, the dystopian future version of America in Legend, have a street name. (For example, "Day" is the street name of Legend's boy protagonist. He has his reasons for nicknaming himself that.) If you were a rebel in the Republic, what would your street name be, and why?

On next Wednesday (10/5), I will read through all the entries and pick a random winner.

Have fun! Looking forward to hearing your street names, rebels. :)


Josu said...

So... here I am :)

Just saying that? Really?


marymunar said...

If I were a rebel in the Republic, my street name would be MAC, for my love of the brand, Makeup Art Cosmetics

Petra @ Safari Poet said...

WOW, the packaging is amazing.

If I were a rebel in the Republic, the street name I might have is Lux (Lucks) because I would somehow manage to get out of very precarious situations, the only reason being luck :-)
I love anything with a four-leaf clover on it because it's one of the symbols for my island and it supposedly brings luck. Also there are a lot of situations that come to mind where I would of expected the worse to happen, but it somehow worked itself out.

Thank you for the chance. I'm really looking forward to Legend.

Ashley said...

My street name would be Havoc. Not only does it sound awesome, but nobody would want to mess with me with a name like that. :P

Ellen Faith said...

I. Want. It. It looks so beautiful.

I think my rebel name would either be Tuscany after my extremely stubborn and healthy horse (even though she's had more could-have-been-fatal injuries than I can count on both hands!). Either that or Rogue.

BK Reviews said...

BK, definitely. Short for Black Kitten. Because like the black kitten in "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There," I would always be up to all sorts of mischief. ;)

Can't wait to get my hands on Legend! XD Thanks for the contest! I don't have a Facebook account, so it's been hard to get into contests. =(

Braiden said...

Yo Marie!

My street name would be Hidden.

I don't know why but I like to be hidden in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Would I sound weird if I said the first "rebel" name I thought of was 'Puffin'?

Then I felt bad that I didn't have an Awesome McCoolName so let me change that into... Black Eye.

Why? Cuz pandas have black eyes and I like pandas. They're freaking adorable. But don't get me wrong, they're pretty vicious too. They're big and strong. One time I watched a documentary where the panda ate its own baby! Not that I want to be a cannibal...

Anyway, great contest! I'm dying to read Legend. :>

MAP said...

That's a tough question... I might change my mind after a week of living in that kind of world. Also, who's to say that after choosing one name, people wouldn't call you something else?

For instance, I might want to be called Jagger, 'cause it's a cool name, but all the other rebels would call me Rabbit, because I have so many kids. LOL!

You're almost there, Marie! Stay beautiful. :)

Gladspooky said...

My nickname would be Answer.

Janice said...

My nickname would be Storm.
Because that's who I always pretended to be whenever my cousins and I played X-Men.

Anonymous said...

Midnight. Because it's my favorite time.

raptor 97531 (at) gmail dot com

Amethyst said...

My street name would be "Rain" because it I love it when it rains :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Marie Lu, not sure if you remember me (probably don't but that's alright), but a couple of weeks ago you told me to keep an eye on your blog because you were giving away something special...and well here I am! I'm really elated for the release of Legend,I seriously cannot wait.

But if I had a choice to pick my rebel name, I think I'd go for Dawn. The name is mysterious and mystifying, and it stands for the beginning of a period of time. And it would fit perfect because if I was in hiding from whomever, I might be in one place at night, but surely when the sun starts to rise, I'd be long gone.

Ludwig said...

Ohmygosh, this is absolutely GORGEOUS. Thank you for the chance to win! (:

If I were a rebel in the Republic, my street name would be Azura. To be honest, I don't have an extremely specific reason like most of the other people commenting on here do. I just really, really love that name. To me, it paints a picture in my mind of a strong woman that no one wants to mess with. In fact, it's the name of one of my very own fictional characters who's exactly like that. She's skilled, fast, smart, and strong... although she does have her faults, in her own way (:

So yup, Azura it would be.

Thanks again! :D <3

oneofakind308 AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie Lu, if i was a rebel in the REPUBLIC i would be called Shadow.
Because im always there to be with u even if you dont notice. ;)

Mallory Campbell said...

Hey Marie, If i were a rebel in the Republic, i would be called Lilith.
i would be called Lilith because legend has it Lilith was throw out of Eden becuase she rufused her husbands authority, and sense then thought of as a demon, just for her courage.
also the meaning of lilith is 'belonging to the night'.
I just this the names fits a good fit for a strong headed republic Rebel.