Friday, December 31, 2010

Fond farewell to 2010, Hopes for 2011

Here we are on the last day of 2010 . . . sigh, how I'm going to miss it. 2010 will be remembered as the year I pitched a brand of my own to real media professionals for the first time, the year I finally returned to being a vegetarian after missing three years (oops :) ), the year Boyfriend and I accidentally locked our chihuahua out of the house for an hour and then rushing out to find him only to realize he'd been sitting obediently on our porch steps the whole time, the year I lost seven pounds (and then gained three back after the holidays), the year Boyfriend and I finally got off our lazy butts and changed the tires on our little Yaris, and the year we nearly drowned in Los Angeles' December rains. But most of all, I'll remember 2010 as the year I finally got a book deal (something that's been on my resolutions list for a very lot of years). And that makes 2010 a fond memory to mark down in my (invisible) book.

Now I've got my sights set on 2011 and all the things I want to accomplish. I'd like to lose those three holiday pounds, for a starter, and maybe even five more. I want to get a change of scenery, maybe travel with Boyfriend a little more than I usually do. I want to start sketching again at least once a week, something I've been procrastinating on as more and more other things fill my time. I want to cook more often and exercise at least three times a week (this one's going to be tricky to stick to). I want to finish Legend 3 before the end of the year. I want to read more outside of the genres I've grown comfortable with. And lastly (but probably mostly), I want to make Legend 2 a better book than Legend 1. I'll have to see how that one goes, though. :)

Any New Year's Resolutions from you guys?

Have a fun, safe, and festive New Year's Eve, and Happy 2011!


Aun-Juli said...

2010 was amazing, wasn't it? A part of me doesn't want the year to end, that 2011 will just be a continuation of the increasing awesomeness 2010 started. Fingers crossed.

Congratulations on your book deal, again--it is a huge accomplishment and a catalyst for so many amazing things to come.

My 2010 resolution was to make sure that it was nothing like my 2009. I wanted to take my life into my hands again and seize every opportunity that was afforded to me.

I think, for the most part, it worked. Which is why, even though it's just a calender, I'm sad to see 2010 leave. I don't know if I can imagine something greater happening to me in 2011, but I am determined to push myself further and still hold onto the knowledge that I am entirely blessed for everything I have right now.

I want to write more. I want to write with more passion. I want to stop being afraid of the words and start considering them as allies.

I will write more. I will write more manuscripts--more stories--and be a better storyteller.

Happy New Year, Marie! 2011 will blow the socks off 2010!

Marie said...

Congrats, Aun-Juli, on your 2010! At the end of the day (or year, I suppose), being satisfied with how much one has pushed oneself is what all of us strive for, regardless of what area it's in. And it sounds like you've had an amazing 2010 in that regard.

I hope I'll be able to write more, too, and keep it courageous and creative. Fear of my words is very crippling for me as well (I have had a couple of cases of terrible writers block in the past). Now, with more on the line, I get moments of blinding terror/insecurity more frequently. But I'm determined to push through them (I hope!). We'll do it together!