Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy holidays, themes, and rain

Yes, it's been nonstop rain in California for the past few days and it'll keep on going until Wednesday. My condolences to anyone who is visiting Los Angeles as a tourist for the first time this week. I promise it's usually sunnier than this. :)

As I continue trekking through Legend 2, I realize (and am usually surprised) that a lot of my values and opinions about the state of the world tend to creep into the text, even though I'm not consciously trying to put them in. And when I take a step back to look at the Legend series as a whole, I realize that the entire story's premise is chock full of the themes and morals that matter to me in real life. I shouldn't find this weird, I know--I mean, it's only natural for writers' work to reflect their opinions. But it's still interesting to see it happen right before my eyes when I'm not aware of it at all.

Anyway, I'm heading home to Houston for the next two weeks. I've finally managed to convince my boyfriend to get on a plane (he's terrified of flying), and this is our first "real" trip in four years. A success! Next year, we'll graduate to a longer flight. Maybe even beyond the borders of the U.S., mwahaha. Happy holidays, everyone! Hope you all get to eat delicious foods and visit your favorite people. See you in 2011!


belit said...

teeheee if you ever fly to london, i'll try to hunt ya to get that legend book signed ;D

hope everything goes okay and your boyfriend forget that a plane flies (i know, it's hard, it's hard to me the taking off and landing... the pressure and all that stuff..)

and merry christmas!

Emy Shin said...

I hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas with your family! :)

Aun-Juli said...

The rain has been ridiculous. I enjoyed it for a little while, but I caught a cold in the middle of it--I'm just glad the sun is shining again.

When I finished my recent, and first complete novel, I looked back and was surprised of how much of myself I had put into it. I wondered if people reading it could pick out the really personal things, and it made me feel somewhat naked.

Have a safe trip, and have lots of fun!